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Music for Rosetta

Dear friends of OnlineMusicClass, in these days we had the chance to assist to the crucial moment of the Rosetta mission, the landing of Philae on the comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko.

For the first time a human construction land on a comet. It’s a huge historical event! It is so important that I’ve offered to many composers to write a simphony that would remind to and celebrate this moment (some compositions with this purpose have already been written by  Vangelis). I didn’t really expect for someone to accept the challenge, but, alas, I haven’t even noticed the same enthusiasm I had. In fact, mostly no one among those I know is as much enthusiastic about this event as I am and I have to admit that this make me sad.

Rosetta logoEither way, to balance out my disappointment, I decided to organize here in OMC, for you loyal readers, a concert in honor of this mission with famous classical tracks directed by the greatest director and played by the greatest performer. Continua a leggere